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A Miracle, “Small and Close”

Joy at ChristmasWith raw–almost breathtaking–imagery, C. S. Lewis reflects on the miracles of the Virgin Birth and the Incarnation. God is at work in every pregnancy. But months before that first Christmas, Nature’s God directly intervened in His Creation and began to make all things new. In Miracles, Lewis poignantly captures the logic and beauty of this dramatic, grace-filled Rescue.

“The human father is merely an instrument, a carrier, often an unwilling carrier, always simply the last in a long line of carriers–a line that stretches back far beyond his ancestors into pre-human and pre-organic deserts of time, back to the creation of matter itself. That line is in God’s hand. It is the instrument by which He normally creates a man. For He is the reality behind both Genius and Venus; no woman ever conceived a child, no mare a foal, without Him.

“But once, and for a special purpose, He dispensed with that long line which is His instrument: once His life-giving finger touched a woman without passing through the ages of interlocked events. Once the great glove of Nature was taken off His hand. His naked hand touched her.

“There was of course a unique reason for it. That time He was creating not simply a man but the Man who was to be Himself: was creating Man anew: was beginning, at this divine and human point, the New Creation of all things. The soiled and weary universe quivered at this direct injection of essential life–direct, uncontaminated, not drained through all the crowded history of Nature. . . . The miraculous conception is one more witness that here is Nature’s Lord. He is doing now, small and close, what He does in a different fashion for every woman who conceives.”

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